As our company is manufacturing Ultramarine Blue since last 40 years, the plant is geared with the latest technology to produce superior quality of Blue. The quality check system in our laboratory ensures that the Blue is of best quality as per the demand of market.

The research and development department of the company is the reason behind the group phenomenal success. Our products has captured the National & International Markets since last 40 years with glorious success.


The products is packed with complete checking with equipped instrument in the laboratory.



Micro Pulverisor :

Complet dried powder blue is being pulverised in said micro pulverisor to get the five mesh of 400 to 450 with super shining & velvette the touch which assumes the finest quality and maximum strength for industrial grade blue, paint industries, rubber industries etc.

Steam Boiler :

It gives the hot steam to wash the raw blue in hot water to dissolve unnecessary salts etc. from the raw blue so that the shade of blue may become with full shining & very bright.

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Setteling Tanks :

To separate the different qualities of blue respectively such as supreme blue, Bird Blue, Elephant Blue, Rubia Blue. All These qualities of Blue are being satteled in the different different tanks qualities wise and strength wise, respectively

Highspeed Pit Agitetor :

With the help of steam water it washes totally the raw blue to get the maximum shining as well as 100% purity by dissolving unnecessary salts etc. This is a very essential function to get the best pure blue.